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OPEN stereotactic radiotherapy system

OPEN stereotactic radiotherapy system

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The OPEN stereotactic radiotherapy system is equipped with a plurality of small-activity cobalt-60 radiation sources radially on the sphere, and the gamma harnesses emitted by the respective sources are guided by the collimator to concentrate on the center of the sphere to form a strong dose. The field micro-region is the focus.

The 30-positioned lesions placed by the advanced medical image processing system and positioning system are placed in focus, and the lesions are irradiated through the treatment control system, causing radiation necrosis of the lesion tissue. During treatment, due to the rotation of the radioactive source, the irradiation of the irradiated body by the ray is instantaneous scanning, so that the normal body tissue can be minimized, thereby achieving the purpose of non-invasive treatment.


System composition:

Host, Cobalt-60 radioactive source, electrical control system, stereo positioning device, treatment planning system


Main performance:

In addition to the discrete target treatment methods of the body stereotactic radiotherapy system on the market, it also provides a unique three-dimensional tracking scanning conformal treatment technology platform (optional).
Quickly change the collimator and turn on/off the radio source to minimize the transmission dose and improve the treatment effect; and provide technical support for the implementation of conformal intensity-modulation treatment on the OPEN knife.
A unique automatic occlusion system that automatically performs sensitive tissue protection at any solid angle in the direction of the beam.
Can effectively reduce the number of treatments and the complexity of planning.
Precise stereo positioning technology: The device is designed with a precise thermoplastic film stereo positioning system, which makes the patient's repeated positioning more precise, and can also adapt to the easy operation of negative pressure


Targeting System.

Safe and convenient operation: complicated operation can be carried out by doctors away from the radiation area, so that the health of the operating doctor is guaranteed.
Comfortable treatment environment: With an open structure, the doctor's operation and scope of observation are expanded, and the patient has a comfortable treatment space during treatment.
Reasonable and reliable structural design makes the equipment reliable and the failure rate is reduced to a minimum.

Treatment planning system

The equipment is equipped with the latest generation version of the 3D-TPS system, the operation interface is more user-friendly, the dose calculation is more scientific and accurate, the calculation speed is faster, and the TPS planning speed is greatly improved. With optional treatment monitoring and treatment data backup capabilities, it provides reliable data for future medical research and treatment quality analysis.
Support for remote expert services, remote cluster therapy and remote maintenance (optional).

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