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TOP stereotactic radiotherapy system

TOP stereotactic radiotherapy system

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Therapeutic principles

The TOP knife is a plurality of encapsulated cobalt-60 radiation sources radially arranged on the curved body. The gamma rays emitted by the respective radiation sources are guided by the collimator and concentrated at the center of the curved body to form a strong dose field micro-region, that is, the focus. . The lesions positioned by the advanced image processing system and the stereotactic system are placed in the focus, and the lesions are rotated by the treatment control system, causing radiation necrosis of the lesion tissue. Since the radiation of the radioactive source is instantaneously scanned for the penetration of the tissue, a one-time high-dose damage to the lesion tissue can be achieved, and the doses of normal tissues and key organs other than the periphery of the lesion are within the tolerance range. Within, there is no damage, so as to achieve the purpose of radiosurgery.


System composition: Host, Cobalt-60 radioactive source, electrical control system, stereo positioning device, treatment planning system


Main Features: Advanced placement of focused illumination techniques to minimize radiation damage to organs and healthy tissues.
          More treatment space, more treatment features
          Better focus quality, more treatment options
          Quickly change collimator and on/off source.
          Double shields reduce leakage radiation to a low level, providing a safe environment for doctors and operators.
          Reasonable and reliable structural design makes the equipment run reliably and the failure rate is reduced to a minimum.
          Provides an automatic replacement of the collimator function, eliminating human error that may occur during manual operation, and is quick and easy to use.
          Safe, simple, comfortable operation, lower maintenance costs, international trend design

Treatment Planning System: An advanced 3D treatment planning system that quickly and accurately plans the best treatments to make treatments faster, more accurate and safer. Diagnostic equipment, treatment planning system, host control system network connection, data can be automatically transmitted (diagnostic equipment connection is pre-existing).

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