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Super Gamma Ray Treatment System (SGS-I type)

Super Gamma Ray Treatment System (SGS-I type)

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The main functions of SGS-I stereotactic gamma ray rotating focused radiotherapy system (commonly known as super gamma treatment system, referred to as super gamma) are: head gamma knife - stereotactic brain radiotherapy, whole body gamma ray precision radiation Treatment, three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy, precise intensity-modulated radiation therapy.
Chaojia is a new type of stereotactic whole body radiotherapy equipment developed on the basis of the mature technology of the existing head gamma knife and body gamma treatment system, combined with the characteristics of accelerator radiotherapy. It is the world's original, in line with the development trend of high precision, high dose, high efficacy, low damage & "three high and one low" in the radiotherapy industry. It widely absorbs the technical advantages of accelerators, photon knives, conformal/modulation and other radiotherapy equipment used in the field of radiotherapy, and realizes the true stereotactic "whole body" gamma ray precise treatment function.

Therapeutic principles

The super-gamma adopts the principle of fan-focusing and rotating illumination, and divides 18 cobalt-60 radioactive sources into 10 and 8 groups. The two adjacent sectors are fan-shaped, and the radiation is precisely aligned and guided by the collimator. Converging at the focus and rotating around the axis of the focus. The treatment planning system plans the treatment of the lesion and selects the best beam incident rotary illumination area. According to the result of the treatment plan, the intelligent stereo positioning control system automatically points the lesion to the focus, and the multi-beam gathers and rotates the focus at the focus. A high-intensity dose field is generated, causing radioactive necrosis of the lesion tissue, while the surrounding normal tissue is only exposed to uniform small doses. After a period of radiotherapy, the lesion tissue gradually necrotic, while normal tissue is not harmed. Thereby achieving the purpose of atraumatic treatment.
Super gamma system composition

Host: Source device, shield can, 3D treatment bed, collimator library, exterior trim cover and stand
Control System: Control computer, main controller, dual timer, motion drive motor and drive, electrical safety device.
positioning system: head CT/MRI marker frame and stud positioning device; head atraumatic positioning device;
  positioning bed; body CT marking frame; body multi-mode positioning device; complex positioning measuring device;
Treatment planning system: TPS hardware: Windows NT platform, professional scanner, laser printer, network;

  TPS software:DICOM data transmission interface, automatic contour delineation, 3D reconstruction, multi-mode target planning (discrete target, trajectory target, speed target), real-time fast dose calculation, accurate Dose calculation, plan evaluation and three-dimensional display; intensity-adjusted reverse planning software.
With multiple treatment methods
 gamma knife - radiosurgery
 Full body precise radiation therapy
Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy
Intensity Radiation Therapy

Product Advantages and Technical Characteristics

Based on the precise focusing radiation therapy function, the super-gamma can realize the three-dimensional target conformal radiotherapy function by using the sequence trajectory target planning, and realize the intensity-modulated radiotherapy function through the sectional shifting or the three-dimensional bed linkage control. More collimators enable precise radiotherapy of body lesions. The combination of automatic and manual change collimators enables the super gamma to meet the needs of users.
Due to the principle of fan-focusing and rotating illumination, the super-gamma can obtain a higher ratio of the absorbed focus to the absorbed dose of the epidermis. Under the premise that the normal tissue is not damaged, the target can apply a high dose, thus obtaining a better Efficacy. Thanks to the optional optimum arcing (swing) illumination area, the effectiveness and utilization of the radiation is ensured and the patient is prevented from being exposed to unnecessary beams.
Scientific and advanced fan-shaped focusing rotary illumination principle, and optional radiation rotation area to avoid unnecessary illumination;
The ratio of the focus dose to the epidermal dose is high, the damage to the healthy tissue is small, and the dose can be applied to the lesion, and the therapeutic effect is better;
The focus of the focus field is good, and the collimator has many specifications, which is convenient for doctors to make dose planning;
Provides the ability to automatically turn the beam on and off and the mechanism in which the collimator can be replaced with a shield plug for effective protection of vital organs and tissues.
 Realizes the combination of the head gamma knife and the body gamma treatment system, and adds new functions of intensity-modulated radiotherapy;
 TPS is fully functional and dose calculation is fast and efficient. Provide powerful image processing capabilities and multiple treatment planning modes;
 Due to the use of graded radiation protection design, its radiation protection performance is better, equipment installation and maintenance is convenient;
The open structure ensures sufficient treatment space, the patient has no fear, and the equipment is pleasant;
The equipment structure is reasonable, the operating cost is low, and the maintainability is good.

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