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SGS-I+ stereotactic gamma ray therapy system

SGS-I+ stereotactic gamma ray therapy system

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The SGS-I+ gamma treatment system adopts the principle of fan-shaped focusing and rotating illumination. The radioactive sources are distributed on five adjacent sectors in a fan-shaped focusing arrangement according to a certain rule, as shown in Figure 1.2. The beam is precisely concentrated at a gathering point (referred to as the focus) by the collimation guide of the focus-distributed collimators, and is rotated around the axis of the focus, as shown in Figures 1.3 and 1.4. The treatment planning system plans the treatment of the lesion and selects the best beam incident rotary illumination area. According to the result of the treatment plan, the stereotactic control system automatically points the lesion to the focus, and the multi-beam gathers and rotates to produce the focus at the focus. The high-intensity dose field causes radioactive necrosis of the lesion tissue, while the surrounding normal tissue is only exposed to uniform small doses. After a period of radiotherapy, the lesion tissue gradually necrotic, while normal tissue is not harmed. Thereby achieving the purpose of atraumatic treatment.


System composition

The SGS-I+ gamma treatment system is mainly composed of a host mechanical system, a positioning system, an electrical control system, a treatment planning system, and an image positioning system.


Main product performance

Adopting the principle of advanced fan-shaped focus rotation, according to the choice of various treatment methods provided by the device, it can form more optimized dose field characteristics than other types of gamma knife.
 The function of the incident rotary illumination area can be selected to make the radiation utilization high in the irradiation treatment and the patient to be protected from unnecessary irradiation. More importantly, by changing the illumination area (within 360 rotation range), on the one hand, the shape of the space dose field can be adjusted according to the planning needs, and on the other hand, the irradiation dose of important organs and tissues that need to be protected can be effectively controlled. Accepted within the scope.
 The automatic opening/closing function of the beam during the rotary irradiation can avoid the direct irradiation of the beam to important organs and tissues, and achieve effective protection of important organs and tissues.
 Open structure design increases patient safety and comfort.
 The replacement of the collimator is completed automatically, which can improve the treatment efficiency, greatly reduce the additional radiation to the patient, and reduce the operating intensity of the doctor.
 The treatment space is increased, and the physiological position that was not treated by the head and neck in the past can be treated now due to the expansion of the treatment space.
 Safe and reliable control system: It is realized by a control system consisting of a superordinate control computer, a 12-axis motion controller (9 servo drive units, 3 step drive units), two independent timers and its communication network system. Fully controlled treatment process minimizes manual error.
 Image positioning is adopted, and the accuracy of repeated positioning of patients is more accurate and reliable.
 Convenient and practical treatment planning system
a) Support DICOM (CT/MRI) positioning image input function, through the networking with the positioning image device, can obtain the positioning image conveniently, quickly and accurately;
b) support the registration function of the (CT/MRI) positioning image, so that the system obtains the actual size information of the patient's positioning image and establishes contact with the mechanical coordinates of the SGS-I+ type Hypertherm gamma treatment system;
c) support automatic and manual extraction and delineation of body contours to delineate the function of lesions and vital organs, saving a lot of time for treatment planning;
d) support the three-dimensional reconstruction function of contours, lesions, vital organs and isodose fields, and clearly describe the relative relationship between lesions, isodose fields, vital organs and body surface contours in three dimensions in three dimensions;
e) Support single target planning, multi-target combination planning and trajectory target planning, providing effective planning tools for large lesion planning;
f) provide accurate and fast calculation of the dose distribution;
g) provide a plan for the development of a treatment plan and an assessment of the treatment plan;
h) providing a comparison of multiple treatment plans for the same patient;
i) provide an output of the treatment plan report;
j) Provide the production of the treatment plan output file, which can be directly transmitted to the control system through the network to realize the whole process automatic treatment.


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