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HH-JQS-6 medical electron linear accelerator

HH-JQS-6 medical electron linear accelerator

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Full Digital Linear Accelerator Conformal Radiation Therapy System

HHJSQ6A medical electronic linear accelerator is equipped with the most advanced built-in 60 pairs of fully automatic multi-leaf grating. The whole system is controlled by calculator. With advanced TPS radiation treatment plan, CT simulation and other software, it can fully realize the 3D conformal precision of tumor. Radiation therapy, and colleagues can take care of the general and the fine, providing a complete solution for the full range of radiotherapy in hospitals today


Key Features and Benefits

1. Designed according to the isocenter principle, both fixed beam therapy and rotational therapy

2. Independent optical system, both upper and lower diaphragms can move independently and can realize asymmetric field

3. Computer control of the whole machine, high precision of treatment placement, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

4. Using a shaft-coupled standing wave accelerating tube

5. Digital display system, which can display the position of the rack, the treatment head and the geometry of the field in a prominent position of the rack

6. Super large stroke, precision linear guide, double scissor treatment bed, accurate operation, low noise

7. High-strength frame, high stability of mechanical system for long-term operation; high strength, precise and beautiful treatment of bed surface

8. Using high-performance motor and special moving parts, it runs smoothly and reliably

9. Achieve all-round stereotactic radiotherapy needs, with multi-leaf grating system and x-knife performance is more superior, simple and accurate


Main technical performance indicators

1. Ray type: x line; nominal energy 6MV

2. Source wheelbase SAD: 100cm; isocenter height 1.4cm, isocenter precision ≤ 1mm

3. Maximum output dose rate: X-ray & ge; 400cGy / min

4. Treatment: fixed beam therapy, rotational therapy

5. Range of irradiation field: Symmetrical field: 2cm× 2cm~40cm× 40cm

              Asymmetric wild: glazing: -10cm~+20cm (each side)

                        Downlight: -2cm~+20cm (per side)

6. Uniformity: ≤1.06,Wedge angle setting range: 0deg; ~60° arbitrary setting

7. Rotation treatment absorbed dose per degree: 1.0~10cGy/deg, continuously adjustable, treatment angle 0 or deg; ~360°

8. Treatment bed range

Lifting: 650mm~1500mm

Landscape: ±245mm

Portrait: 1100mm

Rotation: 0/deg;, 180°

Revolving: ±95°



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