Group Introduction

Group Introduction

Huiheng Group is a high-tech enterprise group established in 2004, which is led by large medical equipment and integrates product development, production, sales, service, clinical teaching, scientific research and hospital management. Want to, in the field of medical equipment and non-invasive treatment continues to develop, has become the most complete product line in the field of domestic radiotherapy equipment, the most complete industry chain leading enterprise group.

Members of Huiheng Group include Shenzhen Huiheng Investment Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Key Cheng Investment Co., Ltd.), Shenzhen Haibo Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Kangqiao Medical New Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing Former Kangkobat Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Ovo International Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprises. The Group has two R&D and production bases in Shenzhen and Wuhan and distributes throughout the country Network of cancer radiotherapy centers (hospitals) around the country.

The leading products of Huiheng Group are: SGS-I stereotactic gamma-ray whole body therapy system (super gamma knife), SGS-I+stereotactic gamma-ray whole body therapy system with image guidance, OPEN stereotactic radiotherapy system (body gamma knife), TOP stereotactic radiotherapy system (head gamma knife), gamma knife long-distance. Therapeutic system, medical electronic linear accelerator (HHJSQ-6-A), 40 pairs and 60 pairs of conformal intensity modulated radiation therapy automatic multi-leaf collimators (HSR-GSW40 and HSR-GSW60), etc.


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