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Huiheng Group is a high-tech enterprise group established in 2004, which takes large medical equipment as the leading factor, integrates product development, production, sales, service, clinical teaching, scientific research and hospital management. It adheres to the enterprise concept of "understanding Tao, honesty, self-improvement, realism, tolerance, peace, justice and strictness".

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SGS-I+ stereotactic gamma ray therapy system
National Instrument Accreditation20143331985
Super Gamma Ray Treatment System (SGS-I type)
The main functions of SGS-I stereotactic gamma ray rotating focused radiotherapy system (commonly known as super gamma treatment system, referred to as super gamma) are: head gamma knife - stereotactic brain radiotherapy, whole body gamma ray precision radiation Treatment, three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy, precise intensity-modulated radiation therapy.
Chaojia is a new type of stereotactic whole body radiotherapy equipment developed on the basis of the mature technology of the existing head gamma knife and body gamma treatment system, combined with the characteristics of accelerator radiotherapy. It is a world-famous one, which meets the development trend of high precision, high dose, high efficacy and low damage "three highs and one low" in the radiotherapy industry. It widely absorbs the technical advantages of accelerators, photon knives, conformal/modulation and other radiotherapy equipment used in the field of radiotherapy, and realizes the true stereotactic "whole body" gamma ray precise treatment function.

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